MARC 2011

Fourth International Course on the Conservation of Modern Architecture: MARC 2011 “Metamorphosis – Understanding and Managing Change”

ICCROM is offering its 4th International Course on the Conservation of Modern Architecture- MARC 2011 this year from May 28th through June 23 in Helsinki, Finland. The course is designed for professionals in the field of architectural conservation, including architects, engineers, historians, conservators and interior designers. MARC 2011 aims to draw on participants own professional knowledge to improve upon architectural conservation practice by identifying specific values in modern architecture; recognizing and evaluating ideas and contexts of the modern movement; understanding problems in preservation of modern buildings undergoing changes; recognizing the decision-making processes involved in conservation of 20th century heritage; and promoting discussion among specialists in these fields.

The course features a variety of learning strategies to broaden and engage professional knowledge including readings, discussions, and a number of collaborative practical exercises. Teaching staff will represent a broad international perspective of leading heritage conservation professionals with both practical and theoretical experience. This year’s fieldwork reference site is the Helsinki 1952 Olympic Stadium (Yrjö Lindegren and Toivo Jäntti, built in 1938 for the cancelled 1940 Olympics). The site includes several alterations 1939-1994) and the Administrative and Cultural Centre of Seinäjoki (Alvar Aalto, competition 1951, built 1960-1987) all of which are in the process of being altered and repaired again.

By Emily Piper

Helsinki 1952 Olympic Stadium



Administrative and Cultural Center of Seinajoki