Article 01: MARCC 2011

Article 02: The COM(M)A STUDIO


Devising effective and innovative means to preservation education is central to DOCOMOMO ISC Education+Theory’s mission. To that end, this edition of the ISC E+T newsletter presents three recent education efforts that highlight approaches to fostering preservation through student outreach.

The work of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the post-earthquake Chilean city of Talca demonstrates an increasingly important facet of preservation in their aid toward relief and rebuilding efforts. Also featured is the student workshop hosted by DOCOMOMO Brazil that was held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Brasilia in early June. This workshop challenged students from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on case studies related to planning, preservation and architecture. The interdisciplinary approach supported DOCOMOMO’s goal of utilizing preservation as a practice that brings people from different backgrounds to solve same conceptual and practical challenges. Furthermore, the workshops are important tools that provide the opportunity to test, compare and understand the various approaches used globally in the preservation practice, which ultimately will help educate students and leaders alike in discovering and implementing new preservation strategies locally. Lastly, the newsletter highlights the MARC program and how it serves professionals and the preservation community through specialized, intensive training offered at the beginning of summer.

By Kaity Ryan